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RE Styrofoam

Styrofoam is not that 'solid' at lower audio frequencies, and it can actually become acoustically opaque at fairly high frequencies.

This means that should you try to extend the depth past 6"-7", to get a wider bandwidth, it will not work. In fact, depending on how stiff/dense the foam is, it may not work down to the nominal depth of 7" (which is roughly working down to about 500 Hz)

Another consideration, is that the bass in the room can and will shake the styrofoam, causing the HF's to become modulated as the styrofoam moves.

This has been cured on DIY diffusors by coating the styrofoam with some epoxy, thick paint, etc. to help further stiffen and damp the styrofoam 'sticks', both in terms of the surface, adn of the 2" by 2" sticks moving relative to each other.

Finally, for the maximum performance out of a given DIY attempt, do not cut the ends facing out into the room off even, but rather, slice them at a slight angle (say 20-25 degrees), and rotate the angles from square to square to make them more effective (random) at HF's.

Jon Risch

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