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Telefunken ecc803s review and comparison

I have both tubes you are interested for.

Telefunken ecc803s was rather special tube in some aspect. First it was extremely quiet and detailed tube better than any other ecc83 tubes in my collection in terms of speed and inner transparency through out of spectrum. Dark background, great focus and soundstage width - height. Soundstage depth is fair but nothing special.

On the other hand ecc803s was not magical at all, it sound like great solid state without and sign of 50s euro tubes typical bloom. Philips Copenhagen 50s long welded plate plate or latter D or foil getter Holland made long plate tubes sound more rounded and magical in mid with better projection of vocals and more emotional content.

Also the weakest point of ecc803s was low end which was taut and precise but at the same time not rounded like some other top ecc 83 like Valvo - Hamburg long plate foil or D - getter. However, TFK ecc803S could sound very good in combination with some other warmer tubes with tube magic in mid. I believe in mellow or darker systems it could be a ticket to heaven.

My advice is to avoid such a pricy tube especially if you are fan of Amperex-Philips long plate ecc83 tubes.


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