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Re: Are these true later gold lions?

They are absolutely NOT British made Gold Lions. They are made in China. These are Now often called the "KT100" as on superTNT. Not a BAD tube but it ain't the real McCoy by a longshot. But the BASES are really the least of it as far as differing from M-O/Goldlion/GEC KT88s; the bases are a bit shinier, I guess... As far as ID'ing this as non-UK, Marconi-Osram NEVER made a KT88 with holes in the plate, for starters. They NEVER used the top micas parallel to the glass envelope. That just SCREAMS Chinese. The glass bulb is the wrong shape and size. That being said, they are NOT FAKES in the traditional sense. When Marconi Osram ceased KT88 production in 1986, they began importing these China made tubes and boxing/labeling them (after "extensive" QC) as their own. These have a datecode of 1987-- right in this gray area. I'd pay maybe $80/quad. Most people are unaware of this and assume they are fakes; they are NOT. The Absoloute sound ran an editorial letter ca. 1987 that detailed this practice by M-O Valve. Not fakes, but not UK "real KT88s".

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