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Re: I was thinking

But in a push-pull amp operating in class A the signal has been inverted in 1/2 of the output section, just like it would be in any push-pull amp.

So while both sections pass signal full time, one output section is "pushing" while the other half is "pulling". Clearly if the amount of "push" and "pull" isn't equal or nearly so, there will be distortion. And the amount of "push" and "pull" is at least partially a function of the tube Gm.

Did I make that clear with my explanation? If not I'll try again.

Oh, as an aside that may help, while we often lapse into calling the phase inverter a "phase splitter" that's not the case at all. The signal is not split, rather it is inverted 180 degrees. So one of the phase inverter's two outputs is not inverted and is applied to one side of the output, the other is inverted and is applied to the remaining side of the output. So when the output stage gets signal applied one side "pushes" the signal, the other "pulls".

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