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Re: EH Gold 6H30's, 6SN7's, 6C45's good for BAT gear?

I don't know anything about BAT gear, but I do have lots of experience with tubes. Generally smaller signal tubes take 20 - 30 hours to burn in and give a general impression of their character, but you shouldn't judge them completely until about 50 hours or more. Power tubes can take up to 100 hours. I do have some experience with the 6H30. My Consonance ref. 2.2 cd player uses a Sovtek 6H30 in the output stage. My experience there is that a 6H30 can take a good 80 - 100 hours to completely open up. So, I don't know how many hours you have on your tubes, but you probably shouldn't chase down alternatives until you hit 100 hours and are sure how they all will really sound...

good luck....

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