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Re: 5687 substitute recommendations

Dear Srajan,

The 5687 was designed in 1948/49 by Tungsol (I have 4 of the original factory test samples with dates!), the very early versions are by far the best sounding but extremely hard to find in good working order, otherwise the equivalents are,

7044, too bright and forward for my liking, although good in other applications, as driver or second stage line stage in transformer coupled circuits for example.

E182CC, best versions by Philips in Holland and Telefunken (off course), the Mullard UK was normally the US-made 7119 rebranded. The French RTF is a Philips tooled version, but sounds slightly less pure. The E182CC is my favourite sounding equivalent.

7119, the Amperex is the same as the E182CC Philips Holland above and sometimes cheaper as a result.

6900, I know this is a popular tube with many, but I have to say I find it quite poor sounding, heavy and bright at the same time.

All brands of 5687, my favourites are the Tungsol and Raytheon, but the five star GE and Japanese Toshiba is not bad either, generally the 5687 is slight dark in character, exemplified by the Philips/ECG version which is very common.

Hope this is of use.

Peter Qvortrup

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