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The picture doesn't do it justice-and buying SETs

The driver tube, the smaller one on the right side, is a KT-88.;-0
well said.

For those who are looking into getting a SET, do so with your eyes open!
With a few high powered exceptions,and they may not be what you really want, you WILl have to center your system around them. SETs can sound wonderfull, but they usually require sacrifices. You MUST MUST MUST match the speakers to them, to get the best out of them. Yes, some designers say their low powered amps will drive 86 db efficent speakers. This is being *ahem* surrealisticly optimistic. My wavelegnth cardinals couldn't do it in a normal listening room(well). A bed room system may be different(small room) The speakers must have a realtively flat imedance curve for the amp to see-this is even more important than the efficency-8 ohms or better doesn't hurt either. Also, be prepared to feed it well-good sources, preamps, cables etc. are mandatory. Also, with the exception of the bizzarro single source tubes, be prepared to do some swapping. Also be prepared to have to *relearn* how to listen. it took me along time to fully apreciate what my SETs could do.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not confirmed the above claims.
Your milage may vary

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