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You said: Clarification regarding point 1 of the previous message: The ARC REF ll belonges to my brother. I had both units - actually all 3 units - ARC Phono for approximately 7 month

Umm, the first sale of V-Caps was made in June. It's now October. That's 1, 2, 3, 4.... 4 months ago. If your "brother" had V-Caps installed in his unit at least 7 months ago, then I would suggest he should be nominated for the Nobel prize, since he has made the breathtaking discovery of time travel.

Next you state: Yes, I probably could get you the V-CAP from their owners.

I thought this was just one person's pre that the V-caps came out of? Did multiple people own this pre? Now we have multiple sources of the V-Caps you used?

I can appreciate you like your Ansar caps. There are MANY fine caps in this world, but to disparage a cap that you've NEVER HEARD to call attention to one you like is rather underhanded, IMHO.

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