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New Topic: How do Tube amps SOUND,vs. solid-state??

.....OK, people, let's get away from all this dicussion about the MECHANICS of tube amps---what plate can stand so much volts,etc. ad nauseum----How do your various vacuum-tube amps SOUND?? Do they sound like REAL instruments, or only facsimiles of horns,guitars,human voices,strings?? Does your new Cary amp(or whatever NEW amp you've got) sound better or worse than that vintage H H Scott receiver,or vintage EICO,or vintage ALLIED tube receiver-like I've got-or vintage MacIntosh??? What IS IT that makes us go into VACUUM-TUBE gear,the "tweaking" or the music played thru them late at night? Let's hear some discussion about how you're LIVING with your tube gear---Myself, I use a 1960's ChannelMaster 6600 tube integrated amp to play 1940's and 'new'Swing thru a pair of 1983 Maggie SMg's and the sound in my apt. is pretty darn amazing...or use my used Cary v.tube preamp(CLEAN sound!) to drive the 80-watt output stage of my (used)Marantz 2285b receiver when I want to play FM, or music other than 'swing'............

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Topic - New Topic: How do Tube amps SOUND,vs. solid-state?? - john c. 12:35:09 11/27/99 (3)

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