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RE: Those darn measurements !

No, I think he means the audio note kool-aid...

" Everyone has ideology"

This is also not really true. A loose belief in something is not the same as an ideology.

"This accords with definitions such as given by Manfred Steger and Paul James which emphasize both the issue of patterning and contingent claims to truth:
" Ideologies are patterned clusters of normatively imbued ideas and concepts, including particular representations of power relations. These conceptual maps help people navigate the complexity of their political universe and carry claims to social truth.[10]
There is a stronger sense than belief in that there is a claim to the truth.

"For Willard A. Mullins an ideology should be contrasted with the related (but different) issues of utopia and historical myth. An ideology is composed of four basic characteristics:
1.it must have power over cognition
2.it must be capable of guiding one's evaluations;
3.it must provide guidance towards action; and
4.it must be logically coherent.

Now, in hifi terms, you may have "tried" other technologies but you now categorically believe that only one type really holds closest to musical "truth". Even more specifically, you are a Peter Q. disciple and pretty much fit the 4 categories above for an ideology.

The reason why it has power over your cognition is that you don't have the technical understanding and so faith must guide your decisions nad that means the idea of it guides not only your decision making process but also how you actually hear things.

Now, interstingly, as a scientist I have empirically come to a similar conclusion as you...at least regarding amplification. As to speakers, well I have high sensitivity ones now but I have loved and still love a good electrostatic or ribbon speaker. I have heard plenty of high senstivity speakers that do not sound that great...I consider AN speakers one of those...they are ok but nothing to jump up and down about.

This was reinforced at the latest Munich show. The sound was not bad in the AN room but definitely rolled off in the highs. Pleasant though but not terribly "real" sounding. Still, I can see how one might like it for a long term listening session...easy on the ears.

However, as a scientist, I keep my mind constantly open to be surprised and have tested recently even a new generation Devialet. It is still not the equal of a good SET on my horns...even the owner admitted as much.

I have heard it claimed that science is an ideology but its not if practiced without the influence of politics and money (then fake ideologies to achieve different, usually monetary, ends are constructed). Science is a set of intellectual tools as an approach to understand something in the physical world that we do not currently understand. It usually begins with observation leading to a hypothesis that must be testable and falsifiable. If the hypothesis survives the assault from experiment then it can be considered a theory or eventually a law.

This is what makes a scientific study of psychology so difficult and more like ideology because there is almost always an excpetion to one's hypothesis. They become more like guidelines for approximating behavioral response with the knowledge that there are numerous exceptions. Listening preference and perception is no exception to the exceptions. As a result, ideology in the absence of true knowledge is what usually pops up.

I think A. Wayne is right that you cannot listen subjectively in an objective manner because of your decade + long obssession with AN. It has shaped what you are hearing from the other gear. The filter is not conscious or really controllable. The fact that you haven't really lived with for long periods of time many of the technologies you put down says a lot. I have a deep appreciation for planar speakers and what they do well...they do better than basically every other technology. Their weaknesses are real but can be mitigated when you live with them...not just hear them at your local dealer.

The one thing that I have not been able to mitigate is the sound of SS electronics. Speakers I am more agnostic than anything else, although I have come to loathe low sensitivity cone/dome speakers for the lack of dynamics that are crucial to real life sound. Amps/preamps/DACs, I am less sanguine about. Part of that is just the feeling I get when I listen to them and why I migrated to SET. I decided to look into why I felt that way and I found that there are good psychoacoustical reasons why that would be the case for a lot, not all but a lot, of listeners. I have not found compelling evidence for speakers one way or the other, which probably explains why I can find a planar and even the occasional box speaker still a compelling listen...not so with SS gear.

I am certainly not married to a particular brand. I still love KR even though I no longer sell them but own an Ayon Crossfire now (and a few others from NAT, JJ and Wall Audio before that). That big LM amp you have (had?) is also a good one.

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