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Re: linkwitz ORIONs in central FLA for audition YES!!!! DO iT !

I believe these are the di-pole speakers I heard yesterday over at Siegfried's home. I went with 5 other Bay Area Audio Asylum folks. They were absolutely amazing. If you have the opportunity of giving them a listen, go for it!!

All of us were doubtful of the eventual ouitcome when we got a good look at the listening enviroment......GLASS ......aaarrggh! Both right and left walls were not walls, but huge plate windows. Not usually desirable for listening rooms(it was actually his living room).

Well the windows weren't a problem in the slightest. Great tone, imaging, speed, and super low frequency retrieval. The electronics are a bit complex and the polar opposite of my Cain & Cain single drivers & SET amps......and we listened to those little silver discs instead of vinyl. Be that as it may, I was STILL very impressed.....all of us were.

If you happen to be a fellow who wants to checkout this approach to audio reproduction, you owe yourself an audition.

Considering it's not really my cup of tea should not be a discouragement. Consider it a ringing endorsement. I still can't get over how they cancelled out the huge windows!!

Cordially Your's, Tom B. Vinyl Man

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