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Thiel Audio CS 2.4 Speakers

I was beginning to think I was the only one who just didn't get it when it comes to Thiel speakers. Last year I decided to try one of their products, since the audio press has lavished them with so much praise. So I went for the 1.6, gushed over by Stereophile, Absolute Sound, and probably even Julian Hirsch if he were still alive.

I really wanted to like them. I have enjoyed many speakers over the years, including Magnepans, ProAcs, Spendors, Harbeth, Living Voice and now Reference 3A. I try to give a speaker a lot of time for break-in and eventually I get to the point where I quit evaluating the speaker and just enjoy my music.

Well, no matter what I did, the Thiel sounded like a high-tech toy. There was no sense of weight or the naturalness that I hear with live music or even just plain old good recorded music, for that matter. Perhaps my ears have grown too acustomed to fabric tweeters and paper cones, but I also use live music as a reference. Perhaps my Audio Research VT 60 just isn't a good match. Maybe I'm going deaf!

I know others really enjoy Thiels, so I'll just say they weren't for me.

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