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Thinking about Sonny Sharrock (and a few nice things)...

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I dropped by to visit my 77YO friend that has a garage sale every week.

Lots of things I hardly look at, I go to visit with him almost every week.

Today I randomly looked through a small crate of $2 LPs (mostly yuck) BUT
... a copy of Sonny Sharrock's "Sieze the Rainbow"! Tell Rick he can easily
get $10 for it. He has no idea who SS is. Proceed to tell him about being in a
band years ago and we had a "gig" one night at a dive on 5th St the same night
SS isplaying Slim's. I agree we do the gig but OPEN so we can get the fuck out of
there EARLY so I can see SS (because that was far more important than... the
gig. At the Dive Bar. On 5th St.)

See SS (for the first time). Completely blows my mind. While mind is being blown
look over to see Carlos Santana a couple feet away. Obviously HIS mind was equally
blown. Soon thereafter Carlito copped some SS licks and named a tune after him.
VERY cool.

My friend Rick is laughing as I tell him this story. Carlos had played a benefit for Rick's
son many moons ago when he was a baby that needed an organ transplant, so there
was... yeah, a thin... connection.

Anyway, intense good memories of Sonny Sharrock and a fun night earlier today.

Then I watched Summer of Soul an hour ago!

SS looked good in yellow! Who knew?

The Vibe goes on...

GREAT doc on a great thing in Harlem. Of where there have been many great things
and it's a great thing this has seen the light of day. Finally.

People watching this footage for the first time, having been there, having played there.


Mahalia Jackson can STILL give me goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!

GO Questlove!

"Once this was all Black Plasma and Imagination"-Michael McClure

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