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The past is past, but the present ....

The world of a hundred years ago, or even 50 years ago, was quite different than it is now. And as others have said, if you condemn every artist (or writer or politician or businessman) for what they did 100 years ago that is not acceptable in today's society, you would find very few people left to feel good about. They lived in a different era, in a world that had different standards.

And I've discovered that retrospective boycotts accomplish little.

I am more inclined to focus on issues that persist today. Issues that are a matter of choice. Like the racist, sexist Vienna Philharmonic. "The Vienna Philharmonic is an orchestra of white men that plays music by white men for white people." And, "I sense very strongly and simply that only men sit around me. And as I said, I would not want to gamble with this unity." Current membership of the orchestra -- 136 men, 1 woman (a harpist who is set off to the side). Apparently 1 man is not 100% caucasian, though you'd never know from looking.

These things are repugnant and offensive by today's standards, and probably more deserving of moral questionning than the sexual misconduct or politics of people long dead.

Racism and sexism of VPO

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