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I'm ok with paypal

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Too easy for local con artist to scam you out of your gear.. the latest craze are folks forging money orders (yes even USPS money orders); far easier than counterfeiting money. And by the time it's recognized as a forgery they're long gone (with your gear).

Maybe not so much for Audiogon community (more so for ebay)but hey; it's only a matter of time...and yes; I'm cynical by nature.

In my case, a local pick up is either with paypal (of course in advance fee or no fee), or cash on the barrel.

And if folks don't like it, well they can move on to the next ad.

Excuse me in advance for latching on to your post in a non-agreeable manner; last time I did that an overly sensitive guy took it way too personal.

may the bridges I burn light the way....

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