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RMAF coverage kicks off with a $388,729.00 system ... and a simple question.

Roving about after hours—and before the official start of the show at noon tomorrow—can yield some compelling insights. Pete (Mr. VTAF ®) Riggle and I stumbled on to the following after a great dinner at the Cool River Cafe (which is actually a steakhouse and Southwestern grill). Lo and behold, there was Ray Kimber in the flesh, helping a large crew get an even larger project ready for the masses that will descend upon the show tomorrow.

I don't recall hearing a system that could do scale to this degree since my encounter with the Klangfilm-Bionor / KL-L433 powered by LAMM at CES a few years ago.

Here's what we've got, this time 'round:
Genex Audio GX9000 w/DSD/BNC interface
Kimber Kable D-60 BCN-BNC, 4 x 1 meter
Kimber Selecct KS-1130, 2 pair x 2 meter
EMM Labs Switchman III

Kimber Select KS-1130, 1 pair x 3 meter and 1 pair x 6 meter
Pass Labs X350.5 x 4
Kimber Selecct KS-3038, 3 pair x 30 feet and 3 pair x 6 feet
Sound Lab ProStat 922, 6 pair

AcoustiLock cabinet
Fujitsu precision notebook P-series
Motion Tablet PC LE 1600
Word Clock Cables - D-60, 2 x 1 meter
Power Cords - Palladium 14, Palladium 10 and PK 14G

Just remember: Even if you've got the bucks, you'll need a room at least 8 and one-half feet tall.

Lastly, I'll make note of a theme for our rounds this year at RMAF. We'll be asking each of the exhibitors we encounter a simple question: What is a favorite recording that you listen to, not to wow others, but when no one else is around?

Ray Kimber's answer:
Widor Mass, recorded at St. Sulpice in France. It can be found on SACD through JAV Records (Recordings?). Why does Ray dig it? "The music gets me ... it has scope ... and grandeur."

Well, as you can see below, he should know all about that. Thanks, Ray!


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