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REVIEW: Audio Excellence AZ Power Wing Power Conditioner/Surge Protector

Model: Power Wing
Category: Power Conditioner/Surge Protector
Suggested Retail Price: $ 2000 / xp version $2500
Manufacturer URL: Audio Excellence AZ
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Review by calloway (A) on July 01, 2005 at 19:29:00
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for the Power Wing

....My purchase of this superb piece of audio gear was solely the result of my seemingly unending search for the best audio gear,in this case a powerconditioner/ac filtering device,that i could find for my system.There isn't an inmate out there that hasn't read a review of a product he/she didn't have that didn't wonder how it might sound or how it might improve his/her system.Such was the case a couple of years ago..i think...after reading a well written and very positively reviewed piece on the Power Wing,an a/c filtration device designed and manufactured by alan kafton at audioexcellenceaz.com.The review was written by Dave Clark and Robert Levi of Positive Feedback Magazine fame...( www.positive-feedback.com/issue8/powerwing.htm )
....The power Wing is the brainchild,as mentioned,of Alan Kafton,also the designer of the audiodharma cable cooker which i also have.after reading the review i gave Alan a call to discuss the Power Wing with him and to see if an audition might be possible.We discussed my system and its' sonic signature and which of the models might be more to my liking.we decided on the single filtered brass version and i sat down to wait for what i hoped would be an improvement over the shunyata hydra i was using at that time. like alot of you i have had,as part of my system,many different power conditioners....richard gray products..ps audio products and the hydra.all of these very good products improved...not changed, at least to my ears,the sound of my system.Power Conditioners are probably second only to audio cables with regard to the ongoing debate as to whether or not they actually do what is claimed by their manufacturers.It has been my experience that the more resolving ones' system is the more likely one is to notice an improvement when adding a particular component or cable.
....the day i received the Power Wing i burned it in for 24 hours before beginning my evaluation.i selected 3 of my favorite discs that i always use when evaluating a new piece of gear and sat down to listen to 2-3 tracts on each with the Hydra before switching to the Power Wing.It was obvious after listening to the first tract on the first disc,after installing the Power Wing that this was a special piece of audio gear.The first thing i noticed was a much better 3-D presentation to the music...depth > width improvement which was one area my system was slightly lacking in.individual performers and instruments were more clearly defined within the soundstage/ Dare i say they had 'more air around them'.The musical presentation on a whole was smoother then with the Hydra but not at the expense of detail or dynamics which were improved....( i forgot to say that when i installed the Power Wing i plugged all of my gear into it at the outset. i have since removed my goldmund amp and am running it directly into the dedicated 20a wall line.my scd-1 and my first sound preamp are the 2 pieces of my system that are not coming out of the Power Wing.)...The tonality of the instruments was also improved as were vocal renderings..esp. females. they were 'amazing more real in their recorded envirn'.
....This product is probably not for everyone..nothing is!.It won't 'make a silk purse out of a sows' ear'.if your system is good this wonderful piece of audio gear will,probably without question,improve what you currently are hearing from your system.with the Power Wing you have a well thought out device that was purposefully built where 'form-follows-function'.

....PS: i have on good authority that a significant upgrade is in the works also.

Product Weakness: Cost may be a deterrent to some
Product Strengths: Improves many aspects of the audio experience

Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier: goldmund 29-m
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): first sound delux with paramount upgrade
Sources (CDP/Turntable): scd-1 with both audiomod and vse level 4.5 upgrade
Speakers: piega c-10 ltds
Cables/Interconnects: i/c: stealth audio-indra...harmonic tech- p2a cyberlight.....speaker cables- pranawire 'cosmos'...powercords: 1- elrod 'statement...1-pranawire 'samadhi..2-harmonix x-dc studio master..1-concierto 'violin
Music Used (Genre/Selections): classical/jazz/rock
Room Size (LxWxH): 24' x 18' x 25'
Room Comments/Treatments: 2 echo buster bass busters
Time Period/Length of Audition: 1year 3 months
Other (Power Conditioner etc.): none
Type of Audition/Review: Product Owner
Your System (if other than home audition): none

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