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Hey! Ho! Let go!

Killer, you are on the lightweight side! Milk ,cream...

The whole Martini is reminescent (?) of the Audio thing.

You can relate the Martini preparing to the audiphile that carefully power-up is system or the vinyl lover that take care of each LP before the spin. Mess with one ingredient or action order and you mess everything.

Actually, you can see how you can take the Audio talk when speaking of a drink consummer.

Noise: No martini, no noise. It's like when you sound system is shutdown. No hum, no hiss but no music. Take a martini, power-up the system. The same warm feeling that something good is coming. Put a disc, take another martini. Yes, everything fall in place. You know you taken to much martini when the S/N got very low...

Phase: You taked too much martini when you head is not in phase with the rest of the body. Now, you're really off-axis when your back is in on the chair and you head on the floor. Snoring is another thing that comes with noise.

Feedback: You get positive feedback when everybody is on the same wave and that everyone groove in the same way. As soon as you get local negative-feedback, being unable to get-up or have to get-up and rush to the bag, you pass the treshold point. You can easily see that global negative-feedback is a bad thing because everyhing around you turn around and around and... And that the same apply to everyone around you: S/N seem higher but people are out-of-phase, transient noisy, slower and agressive on highs...


-The Martini Tweak

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