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Power Wrap/Stock Wadia Cord Blows Away Elrod Signature Two

I had a recent experience with the Power Wraps that blew my mind to such an extent that I had to email the manufacturer with the feedback below. I would not have believed this if I had not heard it in my own system. An amazing effect and you can't go wrong for $ 25. I wish I had better understood the effects of RFI a long time ago. Thanks to Don Palmer for a fantastic product and to my friend, Al Sekela for turning me on to it. Tom Merritt

Hi Don,

I have some feedback for you about your Power Wraps that you can add to your list. I had the good fortune to have some temporary cash to play with for a couple months so I’m conducting a CDP shootout at my home. My system consists of Soundlab M-2’s fully optioned, Atma-sphere MA-1MKII.2’s fully optioned, Zeros in Boxes set at 2X, JPS NC speaker cables, Empirical Audio Holophonic Balanced ic’s with the following CDP’s: 1) Wadia 861SE 2) Audio Aero Capitole MKII 3) Audio Research CD-3. Al Sekela and I have become friends over the internet. That has also been my good fortune!! We hooked up via the Atma-sphere owner’s group. We have exchanged a good number of emails of late as I have been making a bunch of changes in my system and we have been conferring about them. I had expressed my disappointment to Al about the performance of the Wadia 861SE running on an Elrod Signature 2 power cord on a dedicated 20 amp circuit in this system. The unit sounded on the dry and thin side when compared to the AA Capitole which sounded liquid, analogue and beautiful to listen to. However, the Wadia had the AA on detail, resolution, soundstage width, and imaging. Al begged me to get some Power Wraps and try them on the Wadia before putting it up for sale. I called Music Direct Thursday afternoon and had them UPS Red Label 5 of them to me for delivery on Friday. They only had on small one left. I took that one and four large ones. I put the small one on my AA Capitole which I am running on 230v with a step-up transformer. First thing this morning, I put a large one on a stock Wadia power cord, right in the middle. The Wadia player had been sitting with the power off for well over a week. I put it back in the system and turned everything back on. Even with the Wadia 861SE cold and beginning to warm up to operating temperature, the difference was amazing to me. I had never really paid much attention to RFI until Al started to educate me and get me to focus my attention on it. The Wadia sounds completely different to me and much closer to the AA Capitole with respect to the AA’s best characteristics, making the decision between much more difficult. In many respects I prefer the Wadia 861SE now. I just can’t believe this inexpensive tweak beat the pants off a $ 1600 Elrod power cord!! This is the first time that I have heard a difference of this nature for myself. This is the type thing that Al has been telling me about recently. Just wanted to provide you with some feedback and say thanks for a highly effective and really cool product. Thanks Al, for turning me onto this amazingly effective tweak!


Tom Merritt

Richmond, Virginia

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