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The single best way to make your CD's sound better

Sorry for the long absence between posts. I think it's been a very long time since I last posted anything on AA. Well, after years of upgrading components and cables in my digital stream, this really tops it all off (if you have a good computer):

*** Get a Yamaha CRW3200 CD Burner and recopy your discs using their "Audio Master Quality" feature.

It's a process that makes the pits 30% larger on the disc surface reducing down misreads/errors and jitter tremendously. I'm not referring to a slight difference either. Better S/N, darker background, more "PRAT", basically an improvement in every respect. Also haven't encountered any problems with compatibility as long as your CD transport can read CDR's. I've taken the liberty to test these CD's in local hi end shops and the verdict is clear and unanimous. I think it'll be the best $150 investment anyone of us could make.

Happy tunes :)


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