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JISCO, an elegant approach to jitter (brief review)

I just want to give my impressions on this new toy I acquired a week ago.

It's called JISCO made in Germany by Altmann Micro Machines.
I think it's a very elegant solution to the jitter problem.
It scrambles and shifts incoming jitter to a high frequency where apparently the receiver chip of the DAC is able to strongly
attenuate it. It works with sampling rates between 44.1 and 96 kHz and doesn't require a second digital cable.
Different interface options are available.
More info can be obtained at their web site (link at the bottom).
I linked an image so you, fellow inmates, can see how this little jewel looks like.

It's not cheap, $500.00 direct from Mr. Altmann, but in my opinion well worth the money.

Now, the important stuff, how does it sound?

It just seems to lift a curtain between the music and my ears.
My first impression was of clarity and transparency unheard before in my system.
The last time I had my system change that much was when I went from the cheap stock Chinese tubes (12AX7 and 12AT7) in my Jolida 502b to GE long plate (now Sylvania) and Mullard tubes. Or maybe when I upgraded the caps, resistors, wire, etc... in the Jolida and Linn Keilidh speaker crossover.
Small details I've never heard before are revealed from my CDs.
The background noise is also greatly reduced and the music just flows in a very refined way.
Every aspect of music reproduction had improved with the JISCO, but transparency seems to be its strength.
It's just a pleasure to sit in the sweet spot and listen to my CDs. With the JISCO in place they just become fresher and fuller.

My system consists of:
Pioneer DV-414 DVD player
MSB Link II modified by Channel Island with the Monolithic PS
Jolida 502b integrated amplifier heavily modified (but still in pentode operation)
Linn Keilidh speakers also modified
TaraLabs RSC Decade digital cable
TaraLabs RSC Air 3 with one set of Bybee filters at each end interconnect cables
TaraLabs RSC Prime 1800 bi-wire speaker cables
Bybee Signature power conditioner
Two (now one) Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler
Three home made TNT recipe power cords with Belden 9914 10 gauge solid copper double shield low loss transmission cable
(excellent by the way, in my opinion better than the Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler)
And various other tweaks...

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