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RE: Revisiting Computer versus Streamer

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I'm using Audirvana on my iMac and sending the music to a Raspberry Pi running Volumio over my wifi and UPnP/DLNA. I also use Audirvana remote on my iPhone and iPad to control AV on the iMac. With this setup all control is actually on the computer with Audirvana. Tidal will still run there as will any NAS. The RPi just acts as a remote receiver. In a way all you are doing is replacing the wire with wifi. You can use the RPi directly too, but I never found it necessary and my 27" iMac is just easier to use and see! (I just came from the eye doctor and he prescribed stronger reading glasses, but my distance vision only needed a weak prescription.)

You could buy an RPi and give it a try for under $100 as already noted and try it on one of your systems to see if you like it. Even if you don't like it on your main system it will be an improvement over Bluetooth on the secondary system. I'm assuming your DACs have USB input here though. If they don't you'll need a "HAT" such as the Allo Digione to output SPDIF, otherwise just use the USB.

I'm also assuming you have a fairly recent router. It takes bandwidth but unless you have something really old it should be OK.

Will you get better sound? Maybe, maybe not. I highly doubt though that it will sound worse.

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