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RE: Revisiting Computer versus Streamer

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As far as sound quality, it would be equal for sure, and maybe a tad better. But, you would have to be the Judge of that. For sure it would be a lot simpler, with less cords, smaller O/S and far fewer processes going on.

The great thing is that a Raspberry Pi is cheap enough that you can try this out for less than $100. And yes, you can control it all with a Computer, or tablet or a Phone..

I recommend PiCorePlayer, as it has the most features, supports all of the streaming services and is Free. Plenty of help here to get it setup as well, as it can be a bit Putzy at first.

So, Buy it and try it.. Get a Raspberry Pi Model 4, download the software and plug it into your DAC.... If you need help, just ask.

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