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Re: Oversampling & DAC 1.1

Actually, his statements have to do with sonics. Read Haute Fidelite's review of the DAC5 (they called it the best they've ever heard - the first DAC that outshines analog) and Hi Fi News & Review's review (they said measurements suck, don't know wht it works, but sound is amazing).

Have you listened to it before making these comments??? Like the Hi Fi News review says, they had to throw out all their previously held views on digital design when they heard the DAC5.

By the way, I have the DAC 1.1. It's not in the league of the DAC 4 or 5 obviously, but is really very natural sounding. I use the Sakura Flatfish as a transport. Previously I used the Anthem CD player and later the top Sonic Frontiers. The Flatfish used as a CD player blows away both hands down. No glare, very full detailed rich sound, deepest bass from CD I've heard, extremely natural. The standard DAC 1.1 isn't really a useful improvement over that, but I upgraded it by changing all the 1 watt metal film resistors to either Tants or Rikens, all the Digi board and Analog board caps (except the Wimas) to Black Gates, and the power supply caps to Black Gates and resistors to Mills or Yamamuras. Tremendous lowering of the noise floor, increase in ambience, naturalness and tone, and effortlessness.

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