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Salvatore is a slimy, hypocritical weasel and Israel Blume (Coincident Speakers) is a lying sack of manure.

You may have read the "Digital Shootout", and the new revised version, on Arthur Salvatore's website where he purports to review audio equipment. This "Shootout", and by extension everything on his website is corrupt, useless information.

Why? Because the "Shootout", written by his anonymous "associate" turns out to be none other than Israel Blume of Coincident Technology loudspeakers. There are several problems with this. First of all, Israel Blume is a lying sack of shit (I will go into this in more detail later). Second, it is absolutely ridiculous that a manufacturer is anonymously reviewing other equipment. (Can you imagine if I were reviewing equipment for Stereophile under a pen-name?) Third, and most ironic, is Salvatore's claim that the magazines are corrupt and *his* webzine is the only reliable source of information.

Take a look at his "journalistic code of ethics" (linked below). Here are some excerpts:

Journalists should:

*Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.

*Remain free of associations and activities that may compromise integrity or damage credibility.

It would appear to me that Salvatore and Blume have quite a cozy relationship. Blume uses his status as a manufacturer to purchase gear from other manufacturers at accommodation prices. Then he "reviews" them and re-sells them on Audiogon for a profit. (Does he share the proceeds with Salvatore?)

In the meantime, Salvatore's "reference" speakers and cables are Coincident Victory II Speakers and Coincident "Extreme" Interconnect and Speaker Cables. Does Salvatore get a kickback from Blume on these products?

This is some of the most disgusting stuff I've ever even heard of, and I've been a professional in audio for over 20 years.

More to come...

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Topic - Salvatore is a slimy, hypocritical weasel and Israel Blume (Coincident Speakers) is a lying sack of manure. - Charles Hansen 09:24:36 10/27/07 (27)

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