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Upsamplers, DACs, jitter, shakes and analogue withdrawals, this is it.

Re: Advice sought on jitter, DACs, DSP’s/Upsamplers and 96kHz

"I’m somewhat confused as to which mod upgrade path I should next take. My first attempt at an upgrade occurred 4 years ago with the addition of a Musical Fidelity X-24K DAC. I noticed a little difference to the sound. A deeper extended bass, and a definite deeper soundstage.
In the last month I modded my ageing Sony cdp502ES ll player with an Audiocom mk IV clock upgrade and replaced the capacitors/electrolytes with black gates. The resulting sound was truly remarkable to say the least. If the first upgrade was measured as a 10/10 then the new upgrade is truly a 100; I now find myself wanting more of this!! Everything is better….by HUGE amounts."

Careful.... You may believe a little differently in a couple months. (As I've often experienced with upgrades.) But hopefully, your satisfaction will be sustained.

"What I have noticed is that the DAC no longer makes any difference to the modded player’s superb sound; which brings me to my query."

I'm not sure if you mean the internal DAC or an outboard DAC. The good DAC is always requisite in good sound.

"1. Why does the DAC no longer have any effect to the sound, seeing that the jitter free source signal now has to pass via the DAC’s clock?"

The DAC does play a role in sonics. It looks like you have a good one. What makes you think it doesn't, may I ask?

"2. Now that I have such a fabulous source signal, would adding a DSP such as the GW Labs http://www.gw-labs.com/products/gwdsp.html sampler capable of upsampling to 96kHz, between the player and DAC provide even better results?"


For two reasons. 1. If it ain't broke.... 2. 24/96 upsampling is in my opinion the single biggest technological fraud that has taken place in audio since the introduction of the compact disc.

"3. Or should I sell the (now redundant?) DAC and upgrade yet again to the Audiocom mk V clock and upgrade the cd player’s power supply?"

Don't have a clue for an answer. But I'd audition something as close to the upgrade version as possible. With digital playback, it's more often a gamble than anything else.

You may want to try some competitive products to make sure you really like what you're hearing. You could have a gem whose best upgrade is no upgrade.

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