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Marantz SA-11w/ Reference Audio Mods Modifications

Hi everyone,
I am planning to mod my sa-11 through Reference audio mods.

Here are the mods below;

-Power Supply upgrades ($500 installed)
# Replace all wiring/connectors and blocks with point-to-point silver wire/cotton tubing for High Voltage input to supply.

# Replace all critical diode bridges with RAM custom handmade exotic diode bridges featuring silver wire and ultra fast smd diodes.

# Replace main reservior capacitor in circuit with Multiple Jensen 4-pole Electrolytic and hardwire into circuit using Silver Wire. We are the only modification service using the Jensen 4-pole caps. These capacitor are exotic in the capacitor world due to their design. They are not cheap caps either! They are over $50 a peice! These capacitors are superior to any other cap on the market for power supply usuage as they block noise from the power supply through their built in LC circuit and are fast reacting.

# Replace all voltage rail decoupling capaciotors on Power Supply board and Main Circuit Board with the Rubycon ZA/ZL series capacitors. These capaciotors are extremely low in impedance and high in ripple current. They outperform even the best series blackgates and offer a faster, more resolute performance when used in our mods.

# Replace a critical voltage regulator to the Audiocom Invisus PPR2 discrete Ultra low noise regulation circuit for a huge improvement in noise reduction on the voltage rail which feeds the digital circuitry, which in turn bring much more resolution and detail to the music.

-Audio Consulting Coupling Transformer Stage/Part Replacements ($750 Installed)
# Delete entire Stock analog output stage (many many signal resistors, transistors etc.) DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT!

# Replace (and add) an abundant amount of Rubycon ZA series caps for critical voltage rail decoupling

# Add Audio Consulting Signal Coupling transformers to eliminate stock stage (these are passive, meaning the noise floor will drop very significantly and no fluxations with the AC mains)
# Replace stock RCA's with WBT NextGen Versions (eddy current free) for the best RCA connection possible

# Use Audio Consulting silver wire and cotton tubing point to point for all wiring for the output stage wiring.

# Note: Since we use signal coupling transformers (passive) they do no induce the noises from power supplys and they isolate and block HF noise from entering back into the DAC chips from other components in the system. There are absolutely NO CAPACITORS or RESISTORS in the signal path in our mods!! The Analog output is wired for both Single Ended and True Balanced Output.

Total:$ 1,250

Has anyone try it? Please post some comment. Thanks

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