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Re: We are not connecting here

<< nice diagram, BTW >>

There is actually an error in the diagram. The blue line (dirty clock) connecting the reclocking module to the DAC module should should be violet (clean clock).

But my point is the same. You could keep doing things to keep the "dirt" out of the DAC box. For example:

a) Use separate clock and data lines (like the Meitner) instead of S/PDIF.

b) Use FIFOs to get rid of incoming "dirt".

c) Use opto-isolators to eliminate any ground loops or ground bounce from the incoming "dirty" signal.

d) Re-clock the "dirty" clock leaving the transport box with the "clean" clock coming from the DAC box.

And any other number of things you can think of. But no matter what people have tried, they have not been able to eliminate the sonic effect of tweaks on the transport.

My conclusion is that there is something else going on here that we don't understand yet besides simple jitter issues. It appears that you believe there is still some "secret" path for the introduction of jitter into the master clock for the DAC chip.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree here.

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