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Please list your choice of a "warm" sounding CD player

With so many CD recordings, especially rock, and even jazz, sounding so bright and bass shy, as well as lacking bass slam, it seems playing back these CD's in CD players that are classified as "accurate" only reproduces harsh sounding music. If one were to change the CD player (since it is the source) instead of amps and speakers, one would then choose a player that's going to play back these recordings with as full a bass and as little grating as possible. This has nothing to do with accuracy of the recording I know. I am sure there have been many of you who have been in the same boat, so what players did you find that solved or decreased this problem? Please don't say you went vinyl, that's not the point.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.

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Topic - Please list your choice of a "warm" sounding CD player - athanos 18:09:34 02/27/07 (26)

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