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Re: The new dCS Scarlatti should be more attractive for $30k.

Todd, I know that asynchronous upsampling is a hobby horse of yours. I was prompted by your postings into talking about this with one of the senior engineers at dCS during my visit to them in January. Unfortunately my mathematical abilty is not sufficient to have fully understood what he told me but in brief he explained that even where the upsampled output is not a simple multiple of 44.1 it is still synchronous in the way that they do it. Please don't ask me to explain why as it lies beyond my competence but maybe you could ask them directly if you want the full story. Of course the current Purcell/Elgar combination allows for both "synchronous" and "asynchronous" upsampling. Interesting to compare them in practice given that all other factors are equal. Of course when using a word clock link between the boxes this effectively mandates the choice of a "synchronous" upsample rate.

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