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Re: What makes a Rega Planet "Analog-like"?

While I do hear two distinct types of sounds, the differences are more subtle within each category. I find more $ buys 1) better treble, 2) bigger soundstage, and 3) more clarity and resolution.

Treble - Cd’s have a digital edgyness to them that is most noticable in the treble, newer pop recordings being the most troublesome b/c they’re so compressed, bright, and edgy. Do some reading on siblance and listen to how the letter “s” sounds with vocals or the initial crash of a cymbal. There’s a zing or bite to it, to some it’s exagerated and may prefer a softer or rolled off top end, but think some of it is inherited as part of what makes a cd sound like a cd and prefer articulation.

Soundstage – Use any good recording and listen for the difference in physical size of the soundstage. Are the boundaries confined or somehow extend past the room.

Clarity and resolution – Use complex music and focus on the inner details. Is everything mushed together or is each note well separated and distinct.

Here are some of my test recordings…
- Dance Macabre for micro dynamics, transient attack, air, decay, pace, and grain.
- Johnny Frigo - Live from Studio A New York City is a single mike recording (less artificial processing sounds more lifelike).
- Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley for acoustical space (air vs a black hole) ambience, and decay
- Gladiator’ battle scene or O’fortuna for a brute force test.
- stuff of varying tempos like (Basie, Krall, and Norah) for PRAT. If the “Pace Rhythm And Timing” is right, Basie bops, Krall sounds S’wonderful and Norah sounds meloncholy (which is normal). If too fast, Basie seems hurried, Krall sounds less syrupy and Norah sounds happy or too slow, Basie sounds boring, Krall too syrupy and Norah sounds morbid.

If your source is more than a few years old, and haven’t been out shopping in awhile, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot these days, but should max out your source in line with the rest of the system.

Believe what your ears say - not hearsay.

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