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Chris VH AC cables

Power Cords. Why in the world would they make a difference?

As an engineer, it's hard for me to accept the fact that they DO make a difference. Sometimes a really big difference. I just don't get it. But years ago I demonstrated to myself that power cords are an essential component, and they can cost as much as the component they are connected to. The component (cable) that finally shifted my paradigm was the JPS AC cord. Six hundred dollars and stiffer than a telephone pole (OK, maybe I exaggerate), it TRANSFORMED my SIM Audio gear. Like all things audio, it was eventually sold. My engineering instincts gained ground and tried a bunch of lower cost alternatives. None sounded remotely as good as the JPS cable. Typically, there is bass bloat, overall hash to the sound, and vague hashy treble. Also the soundstage collapses. Now what electonic theory accounts for this?

Anyway, after several years I had to admit the cheap cables weren't cutting it. Tried the LAT International AC cables, and they were worth the price, but no JPS. Tried www.blackholecable.com for some serious low gauge cables, and they were OK. Also, some other cables from Audiogon, and they were OK.

After a lot of research, I came across the Chris VH cable that have gotten a lot of attention on AA. I finally decided to buy 2 flavor 1 cables (Chris, nice photography too at your website!). The Flavor 1 has a ground cable, and is recommended for digital devices that have a three prong connector. Anyway, I bought two cryo'ed, standard connector, cables.

So, what do they sound like? In my system they clearly surpassed the other alternative options. In other words, my system improved significantly. I used two of the cables; one for amp and one for CD player. Like other really good AC cables the sound tightened up, the bass is faster, tighter. The imaging opened up, not so much in the width, but the between spaces were much more transparent. It gives a more credible, enjoyable sound.

I don't want to overstate the point, but these cables compare favorably to much higher priced cables in my experience. They sound very musical, and are an excellent alternative to the higher priced competition. I am keeping my cables, and recommend them to the hard-core audiophile community.

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