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I second the VH Audio Pulsar's

This is a very, very nice sounding cable for the money. While i agree with Mike's comments above about IC's being very system / component dependent, my experience with these cables tells me that they are well worth investigating. That is, one should listen to them within the confines of their system, not just look at them on the website. Taking the initiative here will be well worth your effort and probably surprise you with the results. Chris offers a 60 day trial period and the price is very reasonable ( compared to most other "audiophile approved" cabling).

If i had to try to describe my results with this cabling, i would say that it offers a very liquid and cohesive presentation with good resolution. They bring a very "natural" sound with them. That is, there isn't any particular aspect of operation that draws attention to itself, making them a great candidate for those looking for basic tonal neutrality.

Soundstage width, depth and height are quite good with proper image placement within the soundfield. Unlike many cables that i've tried, the sound is not stuck between the cabinets. This is important to me as i'm a big fan of "spaciousness", but at the same time, i don't like "wandering images" either. I would by no means call these an "ultra detailed" cable in terms of image specificity, but at the same time, wouldn't say that they are blurred, difuse or out of focus in any way. Like i said, they do things in a very "natural" manner that doesn't draw attention to any part of the presentation.

If i had to pick one area of operation as a potential detriment in a very high resolution system, i would say that this cable may be a tad soft way up top. In most systems that are digital, SS or metal dome based, this may actually help level out the sonics to a small degree. Most will never notice the slight "softening" effect that i've experienced unless they have a system and / or other cabling to compare it to that is extremely resolving. As such, i only mention this as it is something that i noticed, but not to any great extent. For the person looking for "bang for the buck" cabling, i sincerely doubt that this factor would ever enter into the equation. That is, these cables are beyond the capacity of what most audiophiles would consider "reasonably affordable" componentry built today.

Either way, the amount of performance per dollar that the Pulsar's offer is unmatched by any other commercially available cable that i'm personally aware of. That is, if one is looking for neutrality and not some type of system dependent / personal preference related tone control in a cable. As mentioned above, i do believe that IC's are system dependent and that cable / component interactions are inevitable, but so long as the components themselves are properly designed and well chosen, the Pulsar's will pretty much disappear and let the music flow.

If one needed to pinch pennies or was a DIY'er by nature, one could purchase the raw Pulsar cabling from Chris and assemble their own cables built to length. If one wanted custom length cables and weren't handy enough to attempt this on their own, i'm pretty sure that Chris would work with you on this.

In my experiences, Chris not only wants to produce the best products that he can, he wants to offer the type of customer service that he himself would desire if shopping for products. In this day and age, customer service without the "audiophile attitude" is a rare thing. One will never get the sense of "snobbery" from Chris that one is likely to encounter when shopping for audiophile goodies, which is a welcome treat. Needless to say, i highly recommend the Pulsar's in specific and think that several of VH Audio's other products offer a very high return on every dollar invested. Sean

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