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Well I got my 5' Electraglide Fatboy powercord in the mail today...

I thought it was going to be a Reference glide MKII, but nope, it was a TRI/Fatboy Signature Reference Glide (whatever that means!).

If you are reading this Al, I have to appologize. I think the contacts must not of been completely dried out from the alcohol when we tried it on your Wadia. That is why we got that hum. On my gear the powercord worked flawless.

I tried the Electraglide on a Proceed CDD transport and it sounded sub par. I let the system play for about two hours and listened again and it still sounded sub par compared to the VH Audio Flavor 4 with Furutech gold plugs I had on the transport previously. Then I tried it on a Proceed AVP pre-amp, now that was something! Increase in resolution, detail, clarity, midbass and sub frequenies tightened up and was quicker and more authoritive. Voices (both male and female) were stunning. The system presentation is now a bit more relaxed and more musical. Even at low volume levels you can hear the refinement the Electraglide brought to the system. Then I watched a movie (Daredevil) on HBO with the wife in Dolby Digital. Same thing, very, very sweet! I definitely scored, especially for the price I paid for the powercord! Hard to believe what a single powercord change will do.

I liked the powercord so much that I purchased yet another Electraglide right after the listening session and movie. I already have a Fatman 2000 Gold in the mail to me, and I just purchased (tonight after the movie) a Mini-Kahn Plus. The only thing are these powercords are damn expensive new. I purchased all three pre-owned. When I get the other two Electraglides I will post what I think of them.


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Topic - Well I got my 5' Electraglide Fatboy powercord in the mail today... - cdc 02:41:58 07/08/04 (27)

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