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Conversion to the true VH Audio Power Cord faith

Look, I really don’t know how to explain what happened, so you will believe it or you will *not*. However, I have no connection with Chis VanHaus or VH Audio except as the purchaser of one of the Furutech gold cryo Flavor 1 power cords for my Mark Levinson #37 CDP.

I let the cord run my refrigerator-freezer for 30 hours or so, using an IEC male to 3-prong female adaptor that I got for $1.95 (!) at my electronics store. Then I took the Flavor 1 and plugged in the CDP, which is powered by a PS Audio 600 AC regenerator. Whump! A big, immediate, difference from the black factory 3x14 ga. shielded.

And over the next couple of hours of listening, musicians moved back into a huge, deep acoustic space in which music emerged from separated and focused places the shape and size of real instruments. The sounds had the attack, decay and timbre of real instruments. And such delicacy; you could hear guitarists shaping a run by emphasizing or muting certain notes, and the overall freshness and focus was jaw-dropping. Bass was particularly exceptional, deep and tuneful; the membranous character of drumheads in focus for the first time.

I would try to get up and leave the room, but be caught by some new sound and sit back down to follow the new phrase on a CD that I thought I had heard hundreds of times before. Like you, probably, I have the regular test set of music I listen to after every change in the system. I know exactly what this music sounds like under a variety of conditions, so there is no chance I can get it wrong, certainly not for hours on end. The Levinson is no turkey under any conditions, but I was paying a visit to transformation city. If this had been an ABX test, I would have accused the tester of joking around by switching out the usual CD for the special platinum audiophile version.

In short, I didn’t believe in power cord religion, and even thought I had proven it to myself in the past when some PS Audio Minilabs made mini-differences. But this was stunning and undeniable, as good as a major component switch from mid-fi to many-kilobuck amplification, say. And the difference is still there now. In improvement per $, this has got to be the best thing I’ve ever done. Try the experiment, podnuh, try the experiment; with Chris’ exceptional 60-day trial you can’t get stuck. Amazing.

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