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VH Audio Flavor 4 powercord.

I don't post much here, but my experience with this powercord has compelled me to do so at this time. I've been breaking in a 5' Flavor 4 Gold on my amp for 3 days now and my results have been quite impression. Recently I had an experience with another Audiogon powercord designer's cord which was fairly positive given the price point. In direct comparison with an Elrod EPS-3 Signature however, its performance suffered substantially. The VenHaus Flavor 4 does not IMO. While the Elrod's soundstage is a bit larger and the bass is a tad more extended, the Flavor 4 seems to atleast equal the Elrod in other parameters. I'm actually not sure which bass performance I prefer. I've sometimes found the Elrod's bass a bit too prominent IMS with some recordings. The Flavor 4 also seems a bit faster on my amp. Naturally, performance may vary depending on component and system. I have not tried the Flavor 4 anywhere else IMS, but based on this experience, may try one from wall to Audio Magic Stealth. Other cords I've tried into my amp are Omega Mikro Planar III active and Shunyata Viper as well as a few cheapo alternatives. At this point, the Flavor 4 may be the powercord I've liked most feeding my amp and it still needs another 25 hours or so to break in fully. I'm not certain how much of this cord's excellent performance can be attributed to the top notch Wattgate connectors, but I'm guessing they do improve the Flavor 4 sonically to a substantial degree. The Flavor 4 is really quite a powercord, especially for the price.

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