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Re: VH Audio Flavor 4 Cable

I have 2 pairs of Bybees in my speakers
Bybees in my DAC and Transport
and now Bybees in my BPT.

What I was referring to was finally installing the second pair in my speakers. Very noticable and worthwhile. While certainly worthwhile in digital gear, the Bybees are most noticeable in speakers.

Glad to hear you like your Type 4 cord too. Based on my experience with VH Type 3 and Tpe 4 cords, they really are killer for the $.

I question whether I should have gotten the BPT 2.5 for only $130 more. With the VH4 on my BPT, my dynamics are excellent though -- only use 60w tube amp.

The L-9 litz cord is said to be very good.

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