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Re: Irresponsibly wrong.

I would not presume to tell people what to spend their money on, but many seem to be carried away with the idea that mains is far worse than it is and that a "quick fix" of the last few feet will make a significant improvement.

If it was just screening that makes the difference then screened AC cable is a couple of dollars a meter. My point about what's inside the case is more than simply the screening aspect. The wire itself is nothing special, beacuase manufacturers know it's really not that critical.

Battery powered equipment (except hungry power amps) can be easily built without the need for spare batteries or effort in recharging. When not listening, they can be switched to "recharge" whether or not you turn off the supply to the equipment. Simple as a regular On/Off switch, but reading Charge/Run or something. The reason most equipment is AC powered is simply that AC is in fact, a perfectly acceptable form of power and manufactures are quite content for its use in their equipment.

Let's agree to differ on this - I would prefer spend the thousands that some spend on conditioning AC on better equipment where there is a genuine payback.


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