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REVIEW: DIY by Chris VenHaus Cat5 Speaker Cable Cable

Just finished these and hooked 'm up. Was very plesantly surprised by the results. More open and a tighter cleander bass. A couple of notes on construction.

My worst problem was with reverse braiding. I started out with 16 feet and eventually ended up with around 10 feet. As I braided the wire in back of me got all tangled. I solved this by wrapping it around tissue paper rolls and then putting that in a baggie. The result was the wire unwrapped as I needed it and I was able to work it without problems.

I finished them by putting 4 inches of 1" heatshrink tubing over the "Y" where the cables split and then putting 3/8" heatshrink over the ends. This then flowed into the Kimber Kable supplied heatshrink. Really made for a nice tidy termination.

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