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Re: Any reviews on ChrisVH's DIY recipes?

i just finished the cat5 recipe. without breakin, there was a definitive difference (i.e. improvement) over the AQ midnights i listened to and perhaps on par or better than the AQ forest as well. They remind me of the transparent that i always listen to at a local dealer. i also let them run for about 3 days before subjecting them to my audiophile friend's scrutiny. he liked them better as well, although he preferred the AQ midnights on the HF while running the double biwire cat5 on LF (about 4 awg with that combination, a whole lot of wire), but he's also someone who's blown up classe amps. for under $100 to make (i made double runs of 27 pair for biwiring, and used vampire wire HDS and HDS5 spades), they are an incredible value. my friend says i could sell them for $600 or so. but after 18 arduous hours, i don't think i will do that any time soon. they are transparent, airy (it's scary to think that i feel like i'm in a music hall or the recording studio), detailed, with good depth and soundstaging, very smooth highs and mids, and punchy bass. everyone may not like the bass. it is an accurate, quick bass; however, it doesn't have the deep i guess bloomy big dude singing sound. it produces deep bass well, it just seems like it's an octave higher. i don't really know how to describe it. i like it though. i guess it's a difference between punchy and bloomy bass.

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