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on the description of the cable run. It actually back in the day was called a "Shotgun" configuration (2 separate cables to 1 speaker). I like to say Bi-cable because when you say Bi-Wire config, most people think one cable with 4 conductors having 2 for the highs and 2 for the lows.

I got into Bi-wire cables when I had my Vandersteen 2ce speakers with Transparent Cables and later Vampire speaker cables. I bought some Bi-Wire cables which were one cable 4 wires from both companies. Then I read up on people doing 2 separate cables of equal length to one speaker one cable for the highs and one for the lows. I tried it with lower end cables but I immediately heard a difference and it was not small either for the better in sound from my speakers/system. I later bought a set Audioquest speaker cables and I never went back to single cable runs unless the speaker wasn't setup for True Bi Wire connections, which was only my Carver Amazing Silvers.

I had a buddy come over and when he was listening to my system, he liked how the soundstage was pretty wide and deep so he went and seen what cables I was using. He saw that I was using a pair of cables for each speaker, he was tripping out on it. He said he would like to try that but it would be too expensive to buy two runs of speaker cables for each.

So the wire I'm using now is AudioQuest GBC speaker wire, I got that at HCM Audio when it was on a special so I bought two pairs. They are good speaker cables but not the best and so I wanted to upgrade my cables since this is the last of the weak links in my system.

If you don't want the 4 conductor in one cable Mogami has another of the same cable but with 2 conductors in each cable, I think the part number is W3013?

Hope this helps!

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