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VH Audio Flavor 3... initial thoughts

Initial Thoughts?!? My inital thought is that this cord is awesome. I conditioned the cord for about two hours... drawing @1000W with various appliances plugged into a power strip connected to AC through the VH3. I know that this isn't long enough, but I wanted to plug that sucker in. I expected incremental changes in the sound.

"My wife heard the difference from the other room..."

Nope! This time it was me! I heard tighter, more defined bass. I had deep bass before, but now it's deeper and more detailed.

Depending on the recording, I'm getting a better sense of space in front of the speaker plane... and wider.

The high frequencies seem to be a bit more prominent in general, but nicely extended and smooth. I prefer a system that's a little dark to one that's a little bright, and this cord has my system straddling the line. It's an exciting, smooth, and detailed top end. The best treble response I've heard in my own home (on CD).

Still listening, don't know if I'm going to be able to take it out for more conditioning. I'll try to post a full review soon.

Nice cable.

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