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VH Audio Pulsar w. Nextgen Cu

I recently purchased the Pulsar at 1.5M using the Nextgen Cu RCA for digital use (along with a Cryo'ed Pass & Seymour outlet) from VH Audio.

After placing the order the doorbell rang and there they were!

(OK, not quite that fast but they arrived 3 biz days later).

They are not even close to breaking in yet, but the primary difference I noted was in regard to soundstaging: much greater width coupled with finer delineation of vocals and instumentation.

There may have been some additional cleaning up of the midbass but unfortunately it is difficult to tell with my room config...

After this initial use I am most pleased with the cable.

In regard to the P&S upgraded outlet, the improvement is either non-existent or very subtle... possible better deep bass (fortunately I needed the new outlet anyway and the cost did not break the bank like many other "audiograde" outlets - I do like the grip from the outlet).

I'm sure the P&S will also take some time to break-in... time will tell!

Excellent service! Great results! Who can ask for more?

Happy Listening!

Associated equipment: Sony DVP-S7000 for transport; Perpetual Technologies P-1A & P-3A DDE/DAC; Monolithic P3b Power Supply; Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy I2S digital audio cable

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