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Re: Affordable Speaker Cables

There are many cables that will do if just getting by is the goal. Well made speaker cables from DH Labs, Signal Anti-cable, etc will all get the job done to one degree or another. I still recommend that you travel on over to the VH Audio site and look into the CHeLA cable. It is very pure, cryo'd copper with thin teflon dielectric woven around a cotton rope core. This stuff is relatively easy to deal with, sounds better than you have any right to expect, and as top quality speaker cables go affordable as all get out.

I know I am shilling for Chris here, but truly this stuff was a shocker from the first listen. My girlfriend, who was skeptical of my wire machinations and who is a musician, looked over at me after about two minutes of listening. She said,"Finally, your system sounds like musical instuments. These are keepers." She even told her friends that she was surprised at the difference. Detail, harmonics, attack, sustain, balance. It is all there.

Like I say there are many different solutions out there. And system synergy is a factor, but I never, never heard such a clear difference from one cable to another. All I can say.

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