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Venhaus Symmetry IC (RCA)

Ok folks, now here is my review of the Symmetry IC of Chris Venhaus. But first this:
It’s always difficult to write/speak about something that you actualy have to hear to believe that it’s true or not. And what’s more important that we all have to remember that there is no best, no matter what. It’s not absolute! Everything is relative, even in the Hifi/High end bizz. I know not all will agree, ahum!! But that’s the way I see/hear it! But I just read a article in a German Hifimagazine called Audio, about how people hear. The University in Heidelberg (Germany) have tested that people hear the same notes or tones very different. So not that one hears better than the other but really different, like different colors. If that really is true, than my ‘statement’ (haha) about ‘absolute sound’ doesn’t exist, comes very close! Wouldn’t that be nice that you can say: ‘It’s a beautiful expensive amplifier, Mr. Salesman, but I hear it in strange ‘colors’, so I’ll take that one, yes the pink sound will do! No, serious the article is very interesting!

This is the first time I write a ‘review’ here at the Asylum. But I have to write this down and share with you. I have had a lot of different IC’s in my system, but when I tried the Symmetry (RCA), I was ............amazed.
I play a lot of different pop/rock/jazz music. I’m a great Zappa fan and now for the first time I hear the very ‘clean guitar’sound, that Frank plays on tracks like ‘Any kind of pain’ or ‘Outside now’ from the perfect album ‘Broadway the hardway’, so clear that I get tears in my eyes, so beautiful emotional (and what a guitarplayer he is!!!). I always had that (how do you say that in english) glanze?/glare? I don’t know, but that the sound is surrounded by something, and with the Symmetry it’s gone, it’s pure but not clinical!
Another great artist that I like very much, but very different than Zappa is David Sylvian. If I have to test (for myself) equipment or cables, I always play ‘Sercrets of the Beehive’ (remastered version last two years). Songs like ‘Maria’ or “When poets dreamed of angels’ give you a real impression how a voice is really in the room, away from the speakers, The Symmetry does that in a really outstanding way, it’s like you can feel his voice and almost smell what’s he has been drinking!
The Symmetry is a natural sounding cable, but in a very ‘organic way’. It let the music flow like it’s just there and that you can really go into the music! A very wide and deep soundstage is also a very strong point from this VH cable. Really amazing to hear, of course (one of the best recordings) is ‘Amused to death’ from Roger Waters. But with the Symmetry it’s like my room isn’t there. The space behind the speakers is like I’m in a very large landscape, where somewhere in there walks Jeff Beck with his guitar, noodling around, so cool! Of course this is a perfect recording , but I never noticed this scenery with a Siltech I had or a NBS, regardless which one!

I have to give Chris a big compliment, because this Symmetry is the most outstanding IC I have ever heard, regardless price or name or whatever! In my colorperspective of course, hahaha!!

Greetings, and a Happy New Year to everyone
Geurt van Kooten
The Netherlands

My Equipment:
Lua Apassionato cdplayer (with tubes inside)
Primaluna Prologue Two
Chario Academy Millennium Two
Venhaus Symmetry
Venhaus Airsine (2x)
Lat SS 1000-mk 2 biwire

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