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Re: Opinions wanted on Ven Haus cables

I compared an Airsine with the Taipan VX and Python Alpha Helixes on my Hydra 8 and found it better than both the Shunyata cords. More open, neutral (tonally realistic), and transparent. A caveat: all three cords went through a 15 to 20amp adaptor to connect to the Hydra. However I found the same sonic differences when I compared the Taipan VX with the Airsine on my CDP (Modwright Plat. Sig. Sony 999). I now happily use Airsines on both the Hydra and the CDP.

Haven't heard the LAT or the Symmetry but I recently installed a pair of Cu Spectrum and have found they have the same open, transparent, and tonally realistic and balanced sound as the Airsine. Have ordered another pair of Spectrums and will post more after I've received them and had some time with both pairs in my system.

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