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AirSine P/C review

OK, first I installed the AirSine power cable in my Cary SLI-50 integrated amp furnished with a Fisch Performance 2 power cord (Germany) equipped with a RF filter. I like this cable for its detailed and neutral sound. It seems that the designer used some trick - it has a prominent midbass and a "hump" (or whatever it is) the upper midrange/high frequency spectrum, which gives an impression of excellent focus and dynamics. Well done!

When I installed the AirSine, the first word I wanted to utter - WOW! It is civilized, uniform and neutral without being incisive, analytical or intrusive, on the one hand, or artificially warm or bloated, on the other. First it seemed to me that it had more subdued highs than Fisch, but then it became evident that nothing disappears and is portrayed in a more consistent manner. All this raised my integrated amp to much higher level.

Then I installed it in my other amplifier (Cary SLI-80) powered with the GEC KT-88 tubes and equipped with the Flavor Four power cord. This amp has different sound as compared to the SLI-50 - it is much darker and more powerful than the former one. As compared to the AirSine, the Flavor Four adds more coloration, while the AirSine is more neutral, which does not mean it is light-weighted. Both are excellent cables, but the AirSine is more refined.

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