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Thoughts on PC replacement for NAD 320BEE

I received yesterday the materials for constructing a Flavor 2 Power Cable, and adding a Furutech IEC inlet to my NAD 320BEE receiver. $80 for everything, including CRYO treatment on all materials for the cord.
Well, I have to be honest in saying that I didn't hear what I expected to hear from the replacement. From what I had read, I was hoping to achieve a bit lower bass, which I have not yet perceived.
However, what I didn't expect to hear was the *very* noticable improvement to the soundstage that the cable actually made! For the first time, I am able to place instruments and voices along a field of *depth* as opposed to solely width and height. As well, I noticed the absence of a midrange glare that had appeared on particular albums. I had attributed this problem to those albums, and not to the system. Well, the glare is gone, and I'm able to enjoy these albums in a whole new way!
Anyway, thanks to Chris VH for his incredible communication, extremely quick turn-around for shipping, freely-given help and advice, and, above all, willingess to provide quality prices at *very* reasonable prices!
Chris Carignan

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