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Yes, and you're looking in the wrong places!

I do my DIYs on the cheap from local hardware stores, mostly, but I've found that for my NAD amp, etc., you can actually do FAR FAR BETTER for less overall by buying from Chris Ven Haus at vhaudio.com.
First of all, his PC designs are widely used and touted. YOu can also rely on his very freely given advice.

I've made lots of PC designs now, most from locally available materials. But nothing came close to the improvement I got from Chris' designs and materials.

I made some myself from local stuff (Carol, shielding, heatshrink, Hubbell plugs) and was delighted with the results. Then I had an epiphany: Chris sells better quality raw materials for LESS than I paid outright here!

His 12 AWG cryoed teflon insulated and jacketed raw cable is excellent and costs only $3/foot or so for unshielded. That is the wire you probably need, as I did, for the NAD 2 wire amp. As is it's great stuff. Then add his cryoed Wattgate 5266 plug for $16, which is about $7 more than you'd pay for a decent Marinco or Hubbell at a hardware store IF you could even find it in most (unless it's P&S or Hubbell or Marinco at your hardware store, you're probably cheating yourself of quality sound for no real savings of note). Total for a 5 foot PC was about $35 plus shipping. Burn it in for 400 hours (teflon you know) and you will be amazed at the upgrade you just created. It's a no-brainer to make and a no-brainer to buy the higher quality materials in this case.

Have fun and read my review here about his DIY PC materials.

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