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VH Audio Speaker Cable - Comparison & Insights

This is a report, not a review, so take it as you will.

As placed within my main system:

VH Audio Speaker Cable vs. Nordost Cinemaflex 14/4

Better delineated timbral information. My very first impression of the VH Audio Speaker Cable’s presentation was that of individual images being more clearly defined as having a palpable three dimensional body, particularly notable from front to back. This depth perception is far greater than my previous speaker cable’s presentation. This level of image resolution allows the nuanced timbre of individuated instruments (and the human voice) to be expressed with a naturalness that can best be described with a most basic audiophile term: High Fidelity. I believe that the cable offers excellent phase integrity which allows the signal to pass without coloration due to smearing.

Substantially less glare, more open. My previous cable presented with a certain bloom from top to bottom that obscured inner detail and micro dynamics. The removal of this glare showed that my previous cable’s tonality sounded washed out in comparison. The VH Audio Speaker Cable has a very open soundstage, with seemingly no constriction of the signal flow.

More relaxed sounding than my previous cables. My previous cables sounded more aggressive, with less finesse. Everything seemed to be pushed forward and treated as a mass in comparison. The VH Audio Speaker Cable sounds sweeter in comparison, with a musical quality that makes me want to turn up the volume. There is a smoothness to the sound without any softening, and that’s a very good thing. The cable sounds neither fast nor slow, it’s timing is very natural to my ear and seems to be in the pocket.

Lowered noise floor. This is yet another upgrade that reminds me of adding a power line conditioner to a system. There is obviously a blacker background. Having a sense of more “nothing” in the mix allows the “somethings” in the mix to resolve against. This quietness also seems to allow a more expressive dynamic range to be experienced. I can’t detect any noise due to dielectric involvement, and the cable is very well damped which decreases mechanical resonances, also of which I can’t detect any presence of.

More air and spatial information. The VH Audio Speaker Cable presents a more natural acoustic environment for individuated images to portray an actual event, a reproduction rather than a simulation. This is yet another example of a naturalness that the VH Audio Speaker Cable presents. “Organic” is a good way to describe the VH Audio Speaker Cable’s sonic signature, as it does very well to avoid a “hi-fi-ish” sound, while being a true high fidelity device, in my opinion. This product just might help reduce noise fatigue for a listener who has trouble with that particular issue within their system.

My previous cables presented with a metallic sonic signature in comparison (something I was unaware of), while the VH Audio Speaker Cable has a naturalness that shows no apparent character of it’s own (very transparent). I simply can’t detect anything that distracts my attention due to the cable.

Very authoritative bass, very tight yet full, with excellent focus from top to bottom. The VH Audio Speaker Cable offers extended bass as compared to my previous cable. It also has superior pitch definition and articulation of the bass fundamental. Thus said; the VH Audio Speaker Cable’s bass is another one of it’s strong points. The cable presents with excellent focus, with the leading edges being neither hyped or softened. Again, very natural.

Treble presents with a bell-like quality that is free of grain or hash. I suspect the cable provides a measure of high frequency noise cancellation due to it's geometry.

Not bright, not euphonic, just right. If my previous cable can be considered to be a good cable, the VH Audio Speaker Cable is a truly great one. I believe the cable provides what one can truly say is an optimized interface between amplification and loudspeakers.

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